St. Kitts – Nevis Shows Drop In Flights Landed

Delta Flights at St. Kitts Airport

Delta Flights at St. Kitts Airport

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
March 12, 2012 (CUOPM)

The St. Christopher and Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) is reporting an increase in passenger arrivals and outbound cargo in 2011 at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport compared to the previous year.

According to figures obtained from SCASPA’s Statistics Department, 130,690 passengers arrived by air in 2011, compared to 127,512 in 2010, an increase of 3,178 passengers or 2.49 percent.

Figures also indicate 131,750 passengers departed the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport in 2011 compared to 127,669 passengers in 2010.

American Airlines, which operates daily flights from Miami and twice weekly flights from New York, accounted for 56,058 inward bound passengers and 54,556 outward bound.

LIAT brought in 38,652 passengers while 40,218 departed on the Caribbean Airline.

American Eagle brought in 12,621 passengers and took out 14,141 passengers, while there were 8,329 inward bound passengers and 8,391 outward bound passengers on British Airways.

There were 5,080 inward bound passengers and 5,140 outward bound passengers on US Airways and 4,516 inward bound passengers and 4,528 outward bound passengers on Delta Air.

Miami Air accounted for 1,374 arriving passengers and 1,194 departing passengers.

While there were 1,858 inward bound passengers and 1,694 outward bound passengers on cooperation jets, SCASPA recorded 1,725 passengers arriving and 1,558 passengers departing on non-commercial or small aircraft.

Air Canada, which began a weekly service to St. Kitts’ Robert Bradshaw International Airport in December brought in 380 passengers and took out 237.

SCASPA is also reporting a total of 6,012 flights landed in 2011 compared to 6,409 flights in 2010, down 6.19 percent. There was also a 6.03 percent drop in outward bound flights, from 6,003 in 2011 compared to 6,388 in 2010.

Outward bound cargo increased 5.38 percent to 585.26 tonnes compared to 555.36 tonnes in 2010. Inward cargo decreased from 890 tonnes in 2010 to 744.30 tonnes in 2011, down 16.38 percent.

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