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Nisbet Beach Nevis

Nisbet Beach – Nevis, West Indies
Photo By Lisa T. Bergren

I was sent a link to a wonderful article about Nevis today, and thought I would pass it on.

Trip Report
Authentic Caribbean

Nevis (West Indies): June, 2008
In early June 2008, we packed up our kids, (ages 13, 9 and 5) and went to Nevis, an island in the West Indies. If you’re like most people I meet, you’re blinking twice and muttering, “Nevis? Where’s that?” But I love that””I love going places few have discovered before me! (Nevis is just off St. Kitts, a far more populated island and very viewable from her sister island.) There is a daily ferry across the channel that separate them, but since we wanted to get right to our island paradise, we flew directly into Nevis, from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How’d we settle on going to Nevis? A writer friend and his agent wife have been going there for years and are even thinking of relocating to the island. Listening to their starry-eyed description, with a hint of in-the-know secrecy, I knew my little “Pirates of the Caribbean” fanlets””typically land-locked in Colorado””would love it. They’d watched the movies and wondered about the clear waters. All of us had a difficult time imagining water warmer than the mountain lakes we typically frequent. And we all were dying for some down-time together as a family. Add to that a passion for family travel””and we decided Nevis would be our Idyllic Island answer.

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