Labour Candidate Marcella Liburd’s Hypocrisy Exposed

Shawn Richards - People's Action Movement

Shawn Richards – People’s Action Movement

Basseterre, St.Kitts – Nevis
People’s Action Movement
December 18, 2009

PAM MP Shawn Richards drops “bombshell” at massive Old Road Meeting.

St.Kitts – Nevis MP and Opposition Party Peoples Action Movement Deputy Leader the Hon. Shawn K. Richards made a stunning revelation regarding former Speaker of the House and current Labour Candidate Marcella Liburd during the PAM party’s final rally for the year.

In what political observers described as a “BOMBSHELL” Richards highlighted aspects of a Court document in which the children of former Labour Minister, Clarence Fitzroy Bryant, brother of Ms. Liburd accused the Labour Candidate of withholding moneys left for them by their late father. The documents also revealed the many concerns the children have with the Administration of their father’s Estate by their Aunt Marcella Liburd. According to Richards, the situation highlights the gross hypocrisy of the former speaker who uses the phrase “Stronger Families , Safer Communities” as her campaign slogan.

“The hypocrisy of Marcella is unbelievable. Here we have her proclaiming Stronger Families and Safer Communities while treating her own family, her brothers’ children in such a gross manner that the children felt they had no choice but to go to the Courts,” Richards said.

“Marcella is the most vociferous and scathing Labour candidate when it comes to personal and petty attacks on PAM candidates, particularly Eugene Hamilton. She has been lambasting Hamilton every chance she get and while she is falsely accusing Hamilton of all manner of improprieties, her very own flesh and blood, her own niece and nephew have taken her to Courts and are  accusing her of essentially misappropriating funds left for them by their father and her Brother Fitzroy Bryant ,” Richards continued.

Reading from court documents Richards stated that Clarence Fitzroy Bryant had left millions in assets under the administration of his sister Marcella Liburd. Bryant’s last Will and Testament clearly stated that all of his assets including cash and properties were to be shared between his two children. In documents filed at the Court, the children are claiming that they are not or have not received what is due to them and are receiving little in terms of communication and financial support from the Administrator of their fathers will, their Aunt Marcella Liburd. 

Richards passionately outlined details of the Court document much to the shock of the thousands of supporters in attendance as the outright hypocrisy of the Labour party candidate became more apparent.

Marcella Liburd has led a vicious campaign of mud-slinging and character assassination on PAM party candidates , in particular Eugene Hamilton. Marcella has openly stated that Hamilton misappropriated British American Insurance funds despite the fact that her colleague and fellow Labour candidate and  Minister of Finance Dr. Timothy Harris stated emphatically that Mr. Hamilton had nothing to do with the collapse at British American and its subsequent affect on policy holders. And it was further concluded that there was no misappropriation on Hmailton’s part , based on an investigation carried out through the region on British American Insurance and its parent company CLICO Holdings Limited.

Marcella Liburd is running in constituency #2 against PAM candidate Roy Angus Fleming.

“I’ve heard about this unfortunate situation for a very long time,” said PAM candidate Roy Angus Fleming.

“It is only tonight that I have been able to see for myself the documents filed on behalf of the children seeking the Court’s intervention in this unfortunate matter. This speaks volumes of the lack of character of my opponent Ms. Liburd and I am sure everyone after hearing this will have to ask themselves if Marcella is even fit for public office,” Fleming concluded.

Recent polls conducted by both parties sees Ms Liburd trailing Roy Angus Fleming in favourability.

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