Nevis Premier Reports On Closed Four Seasons Resort

Nevis Premier - Joseph Parry

The Posh Four Seasons Resort Remains Closed

Charlestown, Nevis
January 26, 2009.
Premier Parry updated Four Seasons workers and the people of Nevis on the developments of the meeting recently held in New York, by the Hierarchy of the Four Seasons Resort, which was attended by the Hon. Premier and Permanent Secretary of Finance, Mr Laurie Lawrence.
Parry reported that no definite timeline of the resort’s reopening was finalised from the important dialogue he had in New York with the Hierarchy of the Four Seasons Hotel. Premier Parry however, expressed high optimism about the matter.
“The information made available to us, [the Nevis Island Administration, NIA] indicates that the Four Seasons will be reopened and over the next few weeks, with the continual planning and discussions, we will have a clearer picture of the exact date that I can report to this honourable house, and I can report to the people of Nevis,” Parry said.
Parry impressed upon all stakeholders to do what’s necessary to ensure Four Seasons restored to its state of being a major player for the economy of Nevis.
“It is in the interest of the government and in the interest of all of us, to do what is necessary to ensure that the Four Seasons is quickly restored to its state of being a major player in the economy of Nevis. Now, the discussions were very useful, Madame President and I will report that all the stakeholders are interested in seeing that the Four Seasons is reopened as quickly as possible,” Parry indicated.
Premier Parry also spoke to the Four Seasons issue to be a problem, not contributed by the NIA, but was related to a natural disaster, experienced during the 2008, hurricane season.
“We are aware that the Four Seasons was closed because of the surge accompanying hurricane Omar and since that time, it has remained closed,” the leader of Nevis stated.
A number of persons on Nevis were interviewed on the Streets of Charlestown, to state their opinion or registered any concerns they may have about the hotel’s closing. They also stated their opinion about Premier Parry’s handling of the Four Seasons situation. The Premier received high commendations from those interviewed, for his firm handling of the matter, in his capacity as the leader of the island’s democratically elected government.

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