Nevis Public Utilities Commission Suspends Rate Increases

Charlestown Nevis – February 28, 2007

The Nevis Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has directed that the proposed rate increases by the Caribbean Cable Television of Nevis be suspended from 1st March 2007 until the Commission determines fair and reasonable rates to be charged by the Cable Television.  The Commission has also directed that the rates currently being charged by the company shall continue in force during the period of suspension.

The decision to suspend the proposed rates of increases came following a meeting of the Commission held on Tuesday February 27 after it was mandated to consider a proposal by Cable Television to increase the rates charged for its services.

According to a press release from the PUC, lawyer Jeffery Nisbett,  it also considered a request by the Minister of Communications for a review of the rates charged by Cable Television and also agreed to enquire into the question whether the Cable Television’s rates were fair and reasonable.

Earlier this month, Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry voiced his Administration’s disapproval of the increased rates at that time.  The Premier said that the Nevis Island Administration had to ensure that any decision that is made that would affect the people of Nevis; the cost of living must be studied, and must be done properly.

Notwithstanding, Premier Parry announced the re-establishment of the PUC to address the matter of the proposed increased rates for Cable Television services and to advise government on the way forward.

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