Nevis’ Record Of Road Construction Unrivaled

Charlestown, Nevis
February 06, 2008

Junior Minister in the Ministry of Communication and Works Hon. Carlisle Powell touted the Nevis Island Administration’s (NIA) record in the area of road construction and referred to it as one unrivaled in the history of any government in Nevis.
Mr. Powell made the observation when he delivered remarks at a ground breaking ceremony at Lower Stoney Grove to signal the construction of four major areas or road construction in Charlestown.
“Our record in the area of road construction is unequalled in the history of any government in Nevis. By the end of our second year in office, this NRP government would have fixed more roads than the previous government did in their entire 14 years in office. This is in keeping with our promise of making life better for all Nevisians,” he said.
According to Mr. Powell, the Administration under the leadership of Premier Hon. Joseph Parry continued to make every effort to make serious improvements to the island’s road network over time.

“The Jessups Barnes Ghaut, Cotton Ground road is nearing completion. The road improvements in Upper Stoney Grove, has lifted the value of the homes in the area and has lifted the spirits of the people. The road from Market Shop in Gingerland to the St. James Anglican Church is wider, straighter and better than any roads anywhere in Nevis.
“We are not done yet! We are now turning our attention to roads in Charlestown and in this project we will do four sections: Stoney Grove; the Stoney Grove Government Road By pass road; the Ramsbury Road to Charlestown Primary School including a new culvert by the Ambristers to provide safe passage for our Charlestown Primary School children who have to battle the flood waters and Hamilton from above Mrs. Andre to Elton Marcus Hull across to William Griffin and down to the hospital main gate. In Hamilton we will also be putting in a new section of road that will also provide proper access to land owners,” he said.
Mr. Powell explained that all the roads would have proper drainage to provide relief for the people who got flooded out when it rained. In addition, efforts would be made to reduce the volume of water that flooded Charlestown and brought traffic to a virtual standstill during heavy rain fall.
The Minister further explained that the second phase of the road construction project to be undertaken by Karafi and Sons, as of March 01, 2008, would entail construction from Chicken Stone via Clay Ghaut and Cox to Lampa Hill and via Montpelier and Bailey Yard to Pancho in addition to the section of road over the hill at the Flats.
He said all the projects would be complemented by proper drainage, improved water distribution system and realigned utility poles to provide streetlights to ensure the safety and comfort of pedestrians and drivers.
Meantime, Construction Manager of Surrey Paving and Aggregate Ltd Mr. Desmond Lewis said his company would endeavourer to complete the road to the satisfaction of the Administration and the public and would continue to deliver quality work to the people of Nevis.
“This project is consisting of design of four roads totaling 3.4 kilometers. They are located in Ramsbury, in Stoney Grove, in Hamilton and from the Hospital all the way to the hills of Hamilton. There is a contract period of five months however we will endeavour to complete all works within four months. There will be improvement to the drainage, a proper curb and channel, paved sidewalks, improvement to the vertical and horizontal alignment and properly paved surface.
“We endeavour to complete this work to the satisfaction of the Administration and the public because we know they are the ones who are going to scrutinise us and we will not drop the quality, we definitely can assure you that,” he said.
Mr. Lewis also appealed to road users for their cooperation during the road works and urged them to exercise caution.
“Cooperate with the flagmen, obey the traffic signs and to exercise care when you traverse the roadways under construction. We have a responsibility for good traffic management. We are looking for good cooperation from the citizens and with your help we are confident that this project would be a success,” he said.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works Mr. Ernie Stapleton who chaired the ceremony told the residents if their property was affected during construction they would receive equal treatment as those who suffered similarly on the Island Main Road from Market Shop to the St. James Anglican Church.
“If your property is affected by the road works, we will restore it and if your property is taken you will be compensated in accordance with the established policies of the Nevis Island Administration,” he said.
Mr. Stapleton had words of caution for the residents with regard to the expected disruptions in their utility supplies.
“Let me also warn you that you will have some disruptions in utilities as they relocate the poles, fix damages pipes and upgrade the distribution system in your area. There will be some noise and dust pollution and traffic delays but these cannot be compared with the long term joy you will receive when you traverse on the newly paved asphalt road in a few months time,” he said.

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