Pam Leader Cautions Supporters To Be Wary Of Voter Fraud

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“Persons who attempt to infiltrate elections by voter fraud would face severe consequences”

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
PAM Secretariat
January 10, 2010

“Dr Denzil Douglas has indicated that he and his troupe from St. Paul’s have a lot of work to do in other constituencies. I therefore warn you to be prepared, as this time we are not going to allow voter fraud,” this was the firm declaration made by Lindsay Grant.

Grant stated that he and his party understand the importance of this election and would ensure any attempt at fraud be met with great force and resistance. He said all irregularities that were executed during the last election would undoubtedly be addressed this year, warning that persons who attempt to infiltrate elections by voter fraud would face severe consequences.

“I  must warn that we the members of the People’s Action Movement are going to go the length and see to it that no acts of voters’ fraud are allowed. We recognize the importance of this election and intend to ensure that persons who are bent on affecting the outcome are met with great resistance” warned Grant.

“Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party should know that we are aware of the many things that have been going on; especially with regards to foreign students and non-nationals accessing ID cards so as to be able to vote. Our policy remains the same, and that means we have no problems with non-nationals and foreign students. However, we want persons who have no business in our elections to stay out,” he said.

“There will not be a repeat of the last elections, and while Dr. Douglas continues to tell his troupe in St. Paul’s that they need to mobilize as there is work to be done in other constituencies, I want him to know that PAM supporters will also mobilize because we have work to do in every constituency to ensure those not responsible for being there should not be allowed to disrupt and infiltrate yet another election,” he declared.

Grant said that the public needs to consider all those things that Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party continue to do so that they could move to another stage. He noted incidences in which several of his candidates have had their posters and billboards torn down as one of those atrocities.

He also declared that there would be a number of changes and implementations of initiatives and programmes within the first 30 days of his administration when elected, stressing that the ringing of the bell had signaled an end to the woeful leadership of Dr. Douglas and the Labour Party.

Grant advised that citizens and residents should to go out early to the polls so as top cast their votes and ensure that change is effected throughout the Federation. He further advised that all voters should be very vigilant throughout the campaign, declaring that no one should be allowed to infiltrate the elections in an illegal manner regardless of who they are.

Many citizens and residents, Grant noted, are eagerly anticipating Election Day when they would go out and elect a government that would be accountable, responsible, professional, non-discriminating and non-victimizing in execution of its duties. He further thanked the public for their continued and valuable support given over the years and expressed his appreciation for the financial and voluntary donations as well as services that were also given.

“I am very excited and grateful for the support that you the party supporters have given to this party to ensure that we are in such a position today, where we are preparing to take over the reigns of government. It has been a long road and we have seen for the past 15 years the many atrocities and deliberate acts committed by Douglas and his Labour Party. And to assure you, come January 26th it will be the end of discrimination and victimization as every Kittitian and Nevisian shall have an equal stake to this Federation,” Grant noted.

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