St. Kitts – Nevis Expands Water Chlorination

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
February 07, 2008

Over the next 20 months, Government plans to quadruple the chlorination of ground water in St. Kitts.

Currently the water supply to the Basseterre area is chlorinated, which translates to twenty percent of the total water supply. This includes water coming from the Franklands and Springfield sources via Laguerite.

Dr. Halla Sahely, Assistant Water Engineer of the water department explained that a grant from the Government of Spain via CARICOM will facilitate the expansion.

“We have purchased all the equipment necessary to chlorinate at various well heads and reservoirs. The next step is for the manufacturer to come in and assess the situation on the ground and assist us with training in chlorination which is a specialized skill,” Dr. Sahely told SKNIS.

Dr. Sahely explained that the thrust towards water chlorination is important emphasizing that the chemical chlorine, kills various bacteria and organisms in water that can lead to illness. She said it has been shown to be very effective over the last 100 years in securing public health.

She said it is one of the major technological advancements in terms of protecting populations against diarrheal diseases. Although there have been no major water based health threats in the Federation the ministry is taking a proactive step.

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