St. Kitts – Nevis Summer Camp Program Turns 25

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club - Nevis, West Indies

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club – Nevis, West Indies
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Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis
July 25, 2008 (SKNIS)

The Youth Department is celebrating 25 years of empowerment and development at its annual residential camp.

The 10 day camp began on Sunday and is being held under the theme “Developing Children for Today and Tomorrow” with a sub-theme of “25 Years of Progressive Development.”

On Friday, the 210 campers and 45 dorm leaders plus support staff, paraded through the streets of Basseterre. During the march, SKNIS caught up with the Director of Youth Geoffrey Hanley who explained that everything was going smoothly. He said that the children made a declaration to be positive influences under the popular slang “Badness Out of Style” and designed posters portraying messages around this theme.

Director Hanley added that in addition to preparing the children mentally to face life’s challenges they are also being equipped with practical skills that they can use to make a living. As such, decorating, sewing, music, drumming, art and craft, basketry and woodwork techniques are some of the disciplines offered at the camp. A chef is also on the camp site at the Beach Allen Primary School sharing cooking tips. Life skills in healthy living, fitness and sexuality are also being reviewed.

On Saturday, the campers will witness the traditionally entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Summer Camp Talent Show, while Sunday the children will attend a Banquet and Dance at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

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